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Why Hypnotherapy?



"It should be no surprise - and yet we still marvel - that the mind is so intimately connected to the body. Neuroscience confirms that our minds have the power to calm, strengthen and, quite literally, heal."

(TIME special edition - April 2020)

Every belief we hold about ourselves - good and bad - is stored in the cognitive maps of our subconscious mind. Hypnosis it the only known way to deliberately access our subconscious and reprogram our mental maps. Hypnotherapy gives us the tools to harness the incredible ressources of  our subconscious mind to enhance our lives and enact our goals. Learn to reclaim your life and put an end to your sabotaging thoughts by targetting them right where they live: in your subconscious mind! 

Scientists have known for years that "neurons that fire together wire together". This means that the more we practice a given emotional state, and the more we practice a certain behavior, the more habitual it becomes. That actually is the very definition of a habit: a behavior that has been reinforced to the point where it has become an automatic response. But just because we habitually behave in a certain way doesn't mean we're happy about it!  For example, we may not like the fact that we become frazzled and snap at our kids when we're running late in the morning. Or maybe we wish we didn't worry so much about everything. Or how about the years of frustration falling off the diet wagon. The reason it's so difficult to change is because we have so much practice playing out our habitual scenarios that we've become experts at them! Hypnotherapy helps break these cycles and get us off these damaging mental hampster wheels. 

Using guided sensory and visualization techniques, the desirable behaviors - the positive and empowering emotional states and the constructive new responses - are practiced while in the safe, relaxed and focused state of hypnotic trance. This direct access to the subconscious is what magnifies and accelerates the results, because our subconscious doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality! Practice being successful in hypnosis, fire up new chemical pathways in your brain, and experience the success in real life! 

And because we are actually rewiring the brain to default to the new and improved behaviors and responses, with adequate practice the results will be permanent. 

Read more about the fascinating cutting edge science of neuroplasticity - how changing our thoughts and our minds physically alters the structures and neuro-chemical pathways of our brains - from the links under the Resources tab.


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