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Prestigious medical centers now use hypnotherapy:

New directions in hypnosis research:


Has hypnosis finally been vindicated by neuroscience?


Hypnosis in the treatment of patients with anxiety disorder:


Study identifies brain areas altered during hypnotic trance:


Cleveland Clinic – Hypnotherapy risks/benefits:


Stanford medicine – How hypnosis can change your brains perception of your body:


Changes in the brain in hypnosis and meditation

Neurocognitive processes of sleep and hypnosis:


Hypnosis for digestive health:

Clinical Hypnosis – An effective mind-body modality for adolescents with behavioral and physical complaints:

Benefits of hypnosis for teaching young people self-regulation skills:


The American Institute of Stress: America's #1 Health Problem

Chronic Stress can damage brain structure


Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety and stress related disorders:

Hypnotherapy as effective as CBT for depression and is cheaper:

Effect of clinical hypnotherapy on anxiety symptoms:

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