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Move Past Mental Blocks

"The mind that perceives the limitaion, is the limitation."




When our conscious mind wants to move forward, but our subconscious holds us back, this tug of war creates a conflict that can only be resolved when one mind alligns with the other.

We want to lose weight, but keep giving in to temptation. We want to accomplish a task, but keep procrastinating. We have ambitions, but feel we're not smart/talented/attractive enough to deserve a better job, or a more loving relationship. We wish to be more calm, centered and grounded, yet we still find ourselves snapping at our spouse, or at our kids. We want more out of our lives, but we are too scared to change. We keep hitting roadblocks, we get frustrated, and we just give up. But what if we could reprogram ourselves to stop sabotaging our own efforts? Well we can! 

Our negative beliefs, our faulty thinking, our doubts and our fears, are most often due to faulty messaging passed on to us in childhood. With hypnosis we can move past all this. We can learn to calm our nervous system, trust our intuition, implement better habits and believe in ourselves again. We can reframe our past and reshape our future. We can finally change our bad habits and believe in ourselves again.


Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind, and when we allign our subconscious beliefs with our conscious desires, we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to do. 

For more information on the science behind hypnosis, please visit the "Why Hypnotherapy" tab. 


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