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Lose Weight Permanently


"A meta-analysis of trials ... showed significantly greater weight loss

for those treated with hypnosis and behavior therapy

compared with those who received behavior therapy alone,

and this effect persisted or increased with time."

(Hypnosis in Contemporary Medecine - Mayo Clinic)



Clients who seek hypnotherapy for weight loss are usually familiar with the mechanics of dieting and understand the basics of healthy eating. Their problem is sticking to their weight management goals.

On the conscious level we know what choices to make, but subconsciously we keep sabotaging ourselves with self-defeating thoughts. "I'm too tired/busy/stressed/angry/lazy to eat healthy" or "low calorie options are boring/inconvenient/expensive and make me feel deprived" or "I always crave sweets in the evening and can never resist baked goods."

Will power and discipline give us momentum but rarely get us over the finish line, because they work on the conscious level, and our conscious mind only represents 10% of our brainpower. (Newer studies even estimate that number to be as low as 5%.) Our subconscious is in charge of the other 90%! So whenever there is a conflict between conscious thought and subconscious desire, the subconscious will always end up winning.

Does that mean we're out of luck? Absolutely not. Most of our beliefs were picked up along the way, learned from well intended family members, teachers, coaches, as well as peer interactions throughout childhood and adolescence. More faulty messaging came to us via media, tv and advertising. Then those beliefs were reinforced through repetition. The truth is that nobody comes out of the womb feeling they have to finish everything on their plate, or that candy is a suitable reward for good behavior! 

Furthermore, those beliefs are not even true! They never were true! These "congnitive distortions" are just lies we tell ourselves. Ask healthy and svelte people. They don't believe that healthy foods are boring or that dieting takes up too much time and energy!


But it's also important to understand that our subconcious is not lying to us on purpose. It doesn't have an agenda. It's just enacting what it has been taught. Teach it something else and it will happily oblige!  

As adults we can use our free will to make a choice to reprogram our self-defeating patterns and change our beliefs. And since hypnosis is the only known way to deliberately access the subconcious, it is therefore the best tool we have to reprogram our mental software quickly and efficiently. 

My comprehensive hypotherapy weight loss program includes stress reduction tools and confidence boosters to support you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond. Call for a complimentary consultation today. 

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