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 Mind Optimized 

(Previously Alpharetta Hypnotherapy)
Michelle Risdon,CC.Ht.
Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist
*Exclusively offering online sessions via Zoom *
Control stress and anxiety
Lose weight permanently
Move past mental blocks
Heal faster from injury & surgery
Why Hypnotherapy?

Because success is a mental game! 

Every belief we have about ourselves, good and bad, is stored in the cognitive maps of our subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the only known way to deliberately access our subconscious, and reprogram our mental maps. 






 Kind Words 


Before working with Michelle I was hesitating about my fees, and had no confidence in my own professional worth, despite all my know-how and expertise.

Now I define my fees, I feel confident asking for payment, and secure about my worth. 

She helped me speak about myself and my services with confidence and poise. 

I feel free from my past and confident and happy about my business future. 


Michelle is a phenomenal therapist. During our session, she make me feel absolutely relaxed, safe and secure. I worked with Michelle on my destructive eating habits, and after only one session with her, my destructive eating habits were completely eliminated! 

During our session, we determined the root cause of why I had these habits, and once I knew why I was doing it, it was incredibly easy to prevent it from taking over my life. 

Since our session back in July 2020, not once have I gone back to my old patterns. I am extremely grateful to Michelle for freeing me from my old habits and I would 100% recommend her!


Hi I'm Cori and I'm a cheerleader! At practice, when I was tumbling, I landed wrong and ended  up breaking my fibula and tibia, and dislocating my ankle. 

The doctors told me I would be non-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks, but I started walking just 5 weeks after the surgery, and I think a large reason for that was because of the hypnosis therapy I did. It was about a 25 minute recording I listened to every night that helped my healing. I often fell asleep to it peacefully and it subconsciously made a tremendous impact. 

I would definitely recommend it and I am so thankful for it because I am now getting back into cheerleading and it's a miracle how fast I have been healing!!

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